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To Save A Scared Cat That Is About To Drown, A Guy Jumped Into Dirty Waters

On the internet, a guy is being praised as a real capeless hero after walking into contaminated waters to rescue the life of a vulnerable cat.

Innocent animals are frequently ensnared in extremely perilous circumstances from which they cannot escape on their own. A terrified white kitten was on the verge of drowning in a deep canal in this case.

Credit: Nieves White

It’s unclear how the cat ended up in such a bad predicament, but neighbors in the vicinity began to hear the dreadful cries and meows the kitten made in a desperate attempt to get aid.

However, because it was a very filthy water channel, no one dared to go there to assist him for fear of being exposed to massive pollution.

Credit: Nieves White

Despite the horrible sight of the canal water, a brave guy whose identity is unknown felt that he could not leave the scared kitten without attempting to rescue him, so he went there to try to save it.

As the man arrived, the cat was hanging to a wall with all his strength.

Credit: Nieves White

Rimklong Sammakkhi, a passerby, shot the footage and was inspired by the man’s bravery and willingness to go to any length to save the cat.

“I feel we should all be grateful to this man for saving us. The water is filthy, and it took a lot of bravery on his part,” one of the network users, moved, remarked.

Credit: Nieves White

The brave guy plunged in with a long net, and once he got close enough for the net to reach the cat, he tried over and over to keep the kitten in the net.

But it wasn’t an easy task: the little one was terrified and clung to whatever he could on the wall, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he could rescue himself with the net.

Credit: Nieves White

That is why it is simple to understand why the decent guy went to such lengths to preserve the small creature, since he believes that every Thai would do the same.

The man does not give up and continues to attempt for several minutes to encourage the kitten to remain in the mesh. The scared cat ultimately falls through the mesh and is carried to the balcony of one of the houses that overlooks the canal after repeated efforts.

“The kitten was a tiny little thing.” “Now it will be looked after by the locals,” the man remarked following the rescue.

Many individuals on social media have expressed their condolences to the nice man, as such deeds are rare nowadays:

“May God continue to bless him, for he has a tremendous heart,” “May God continue to protect him so that he saves more lives and does not become ill,” “He is a great hero.”

After a very trying day, this tiny kitten not only managed to preserve his life, but he also received a permanent home where he would be well cared for.

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