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When Office Workers Look Up At The Ceiling, They Notice The Pussycat That Has Been Watching Them All Day

If there’s a reason why cats have become such lovable pets, it’s because of all the stories about them that can be found on the Internet. Every day, a kitten may be found around the corner, loving, smart, devoted, and mischievous, eager to brighten your day.

Although these Japanese workers could never have anticipated meeting a pussycat in… the office! The narrative of this kitten, which we present you today, is really simple and charming. Everything happened in a Japanese company’s work meeting.

Credit: @omocha_no_uma

The employees were engrossed in their conference when one of them abruptly looked up and… what do you suppose he saw? He only noticed the hole in the ceiling at first, then something else drew his eye.

When the patient fixed his sight, he appeared to see eyeballs peering out of the hole’s shadows. He might have imagined anything there, but as he came closer, he couldn’t have predicted the surprise that greeted him.

Credit: @omocha_no_uma

What expression would you make if you peered into a hole in your office ceiling and find a little cat with a sweet expression staring at you? This is exactly what happened to these employees.

Up in the heights, a juvenile pussycat was keeping a close eye on what was going on below. Naturally, all of the workers were aware of his existence and were not only taken aback by this peculiar spy, but also died of tenderness at the tiny one’s gentleness.

They discovered that the cat belonged to someone since he had a collar and a bowtie around his neck, which was tough to tell with the naked eye. Deducing how the animal had gotten into the upper area of the ceiling appeared really unusual.

They wished to ensure that the cat got home safely, but as you can see, this was difficult, so the kitten ultimately vanished, and when they did not see him again, they concluded that he was no longer in danger.

Credit: @omocha_no_uma

Thanks to one of the staff, this kitten’s mischief became viral. He requested that the coworker who took the images share them with him, and that is how he got them into his Twitter account, where they were spotted.

Thousands of people were taken in by the animal’s sweetness, while some laughed about its existence, implying that it may be a new security service engaged by the corporation.

Credit: @omocha_no_uma

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