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A Kitten with Birth Defects Chooses a Man and Finds a Forever Home

In the hope of a happier life, a small tabby kitten born with birth abnormalities was brought to Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre in South Wales.

Take a look at Arlo!

Credit: Catsoncatnip

“Arlo is an incredible sweetheart who has enchanted everyone here,” said Sue Dobbs, the center’s manager.

“He may not look like other cats, but he has a lot of love to give and is full of mischief and fun.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

Hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the brain that had caused his head to be misshaped, was the source of his deformities, but after a comprehensive examination, Arlo was certified healthy.

Everyone at the facility hoped they’d be able to place him with a loving home. “Arlo is such a gorgeous kitty that deserves to be loved and cared for.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

Meanwhile, Davy, a social worker for disabled children, had been considering obtaining a cat for some time. “I live alone in a little rural cottage and thought an elderly cat would fit just in.”

“But then my friends started tagging me in Cats Protection postings about this small kitten with special needs,” he continued. “They suggested that I pay him a visit and tell him what I thought. So I turned around and saw Arlo.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

As a result, Davy went to see the one-year-old tabby kitten. Arlo was cautious and apprehensive around strangers, but he and Davy hit it off right away.

“When he came up to me and gave me a lick, I took it as a sign that we were a match,” Davy explained. “I fell in love with him just by looking at him.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

A year down the line and Arlo has grown up to be a beautiful cat.

He enjoys his VIP life with Davy, in the home he so badly needed.

Davy’s lap immediately became his favorite position in his new home. He may be a timid cat, but he is a cuddling monster.

“He’s still shy and anxious, and he dislikes loud noises.” Davy adds, “But he’s so loving.” “His personality is fantastic.” He’s a fascinating individual.”

Credit: Catsoncatnip

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