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A New Home for Dirty Kitten Who Was In A Bad Condition 

A kind man who is also an animal lover believed he heard a kitten meowing in the street and went outside to check.

The commotion came from the bins, and upon closer examination, he discovered a little, though filthy, kitten. When he called out, the kitty rushed over to him. He was clearly hungry, and he accepted the food that the stranger had brought with him.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

There were no other cats or siblings in the neighborhood, so the guy walked up and down the street for a mother cat who could have misplaced her youngster.

He thought that taking him home was the best option. He was filthy and looked like he’d been on his own for a long time.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

The man decided to take him to the veterinarian, who estimated the kitten’s age to be around two months. They bathed him because he was not only filthy but also flea-infested.

They kept him at the clinic for a few days to treat his internal parasites and to cure his eye infection with medications. It was now time to find a home for this adorable kitty.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

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