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From The Shelter, This Husky Chose Her Own Kitten To Bring Home

Raven, a Tamaskan husky puppy, needed a buddy to grow up with, but her human mom Christina realized it was impossible to choose a best friend for her. Instead, she brought Raven to a Lubbock, Texas shelter and did it herself!

“I’d always dreamed of having a dog and a cat grow up together. “It’s been a life goal,” Christina, her owner, tells The Dodo. Christina recalls, “I wanted them to be able to get along nicely.” “As a result, I wanted her to meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog.”

Raven was given four kittens, none of them were really interested in her, with the exception of one fluffball called Woodhouse, who was the one. It was the day Woodhouse received not just a home, but also a best friend. Since then, a year has passed, and the two are still inseparable! “They’re made for each other.” They don’t snuggle nearly as much as they did as puppies and kittens. But they’re still together all the time, playing together.”

It was the day when Woodhouse got not only a home but a best friend, too

One year has passed since then and the two are still inseparable!

As well as enjoy comfy naps…

“They are perfect with each other,” said their human mom Christina

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