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The Cat Who Remains A Kitten Forever Never Gives Up on Life To Help Her 

S’mores is a delicious treat. She is now two years old, yet her size is that of an eight-week-old kitten. An incredible kitten that never gave up hope.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

S’mores had a rough start in life, suffering a brain injury at the age of six weeks. “A cat carrier was thrown on her head, immobilizing her and causing brain damage.”

“She wasn’t able to walk or feed on her own.” “The vets weren’t sure if she’d make it or how she’d be if she did,” The Odd Cat Sanctuary revealed.

They noticed the fight that S’mores had inside her and refused to give up on her. This great animal refuge specialized in looking after ferals, ill cats, geriatric cats, and animals on death row.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“She couldn’t walk, eat, or drink, yet she was able to survive and flourish with the help of supportive care.” She was non-responsive for almost three months while receiving nourishment through a feeding tube.”

“The doctors didn’t know how long it would take; they said it’s a waiting game with traumatic brain injuries to see if she gets better and survives.”

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

S’mores stayed in the sanctuary, where she received all of the care and attention she needed to get through this trying period. It was a gradual process, but she was becoming stronger every day.

“She gradually began to exhibit indications of life; initially, she began to drink from a syringe and showed an interest in licking food off a plate. Then she gradually regained her ability to walk, usually in circles to the left.”

She was soon eating, drinking, and behaving like other cats, with the exception that she stayed the same size.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

She’s enjoying a cuddle with her new buddies at the refuge; as you can see, she’s the tiniest one there.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

This miraculous feline may be little in stature, but she more than makes up for it with joy. She quickly learned how to use the litter box and climb around on the furniture like any other cat.

“She was adopted by our rescue founder, so she is spoiled and adored in her forever home.”

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Mozart, her brother from another mother, is one of her favorite people to hang time with.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

S’mores is now two years old, but she is still the size of an eight-week-old kitten, weighing only two pounds, but she makes up for it with love and purrs. “She’s full of life, likes everyone, chirps all the time, and frequently circles to the left.” She purrs incessantly.”

She is flourishing in her permanent home, owing to the love and care she received from those who never gave up on her.

Credit: The Odd Cat Sanctuary

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