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When A Man Takes A Nap Outside, He Awakens To Find A Stray Kitten Sleeping On His Lap

Ali Safa, an Australian, had chosen to take it easy and relax in his garden. He fell asleep, and when he awoke, he found a stray kitten fast asleep on his tummy!

Ali felt her was adorable and chose to snap a photo with her; he didn’t care if she had fleas or not.

Credits: u/A_H_S/Reddit

She let her new pal know she was ready for breakfast when she eventually awakened!

Ali didn’t have any cat food, so he fed her the leftover chicken from his last lunch, which the scrawny kitten devoured.

Credits: u/A_H_S/Reddit

He had never considered owning a pet before, but he was charmed, and he rapidly acquired the confidence of this stray feline.

Angel was her name, and he planned a trip to the vet to have her examined. Ali didn’t have to be concerned because the visit confirmed she was in excellent health.

Credits: u/A_H_S/Reddit

“She’s the most entertaining cat I’ve ever played with, as well as the most obstinate and attention-seeking.” “I can’t do anything in the home without her following me around,” Ali explains.

“I’ve given up trying to train her to sleep in her small bed that I bought, so we now share our bed, and her little bed is collecting dust in the corner of my room.”

Credits: u/A_H_S/Reddit

They have now moved in together permanently and have become the closest of friends.

It’s wonderful to see Angel have found her forever home, and the two of them have blossomed into a dynamic duo!

Credits: u/A_H_S/Reddit

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