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A Woman Rescues Kittens From The Yard, And Her Dog Begs Her To Take Care Of Them And To Be Part Of They Family

The notion that kittens and dogs don’t get along is absolutely false; despite their disparate personalities, a dog is proving to be the ideal caretaker for each of the felines who arrive home. And with it, he demolishes any ridiculous notion.

Kona is a labrador that has always been known for having a mother instinct, but who has lately enchanted her owner.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

Asa, a human from Kona, is a foster mother to the rescued kittens who come to The Crazy Cat Family. Because this is a New York-based charity that specializes in TLC (time, love, and care), volunteers must provide the same advantages to rescued animals, and the lovely dog is well aware of this.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

The feline siblings were discovered in the backyard of a Queens home. Because the impoverished were in such bad shape, Asa became his temporary mother, but she also enrolled her dog.

The kittens were between 3 and 4 weeks old when they were rescued, so the meowing balls peaked Kona’s interest.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

Peanut, Cashew, Pistachio, and Hazelnut, the cats, won Kona’s trust and regarded her as one of their carers, which she was in certain ways.

The dog approaches each of the children and lavishes kisses on them; she is a highly affectionate but also protective animal.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

Kona is used to getting these kinds of visits since she adores every kitten that comes home. They had never been such little felines before, though, and this seemed to have reawakened her mother instincts.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

Peanut cuddled against Kona’s chest on the first day, begging to be nursed. The endeavor was obviously futile, but Asa was so affected by the spectacle that he understood right away that his dog’s love with these kittens was far more unique than he had imagined.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

Although these cats were timid and little when they arrived at their new home, they are already displaying their personalities. They’re all genuine explorers and a lot of fun, but Peanut has the most enthusiasm of the bunch.

He’s the tiniest, yet his urgent meows catch his attention. Peanut enjoys being pampered and groomed, which the dog does not mind.

Peanut is the one who causes the most trouble for the dog. When he attempted to flee the house, Kona had to dash to the door, grab him in her mouth, and carry him back to the living room. Despite his abundant energy, the feline respects authority and has never attempted again.

Credit: Shibuyarollcall

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