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Everyone Ignores A Kitten Who Is Tied To A Cord And Ready To Pass Away

Timofey Yuriev was driving down a highway in Yonkers, New York, when he noticed someone extremely little strolling slowly along a busy sidewalk out of the corner of his eye.

Yuriev knew he had to stop and aid the cat as soon as he learned it was a kitten.

“There was a bus stop and people strolling by, but no one seemed to notice the small kitty,” Yuriev explained.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

When Yuriev learned that someone had brutally wrapped a string around the helpless kitten’s neck, he was outraged and appalled, and he instantly sought to free it. After everything that had transpired, the tiny kitten was afraid and refused to look his savior in the eyes.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

“When I let the kitten out, he started meowing; he couldn’t meow before since the collar was tight around his neck; he didn’t try to scratch me or anything; he was extremely weak, so I put him in the car, and he tried to climb as far as he could in the darkness behind the seat,” Yuriev explained.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Yuriev transported the cat to Paws Crossed Animal Rescue after saving him, so he could get the treatment and care he needed.

Everyone in the shelter was stunned to learn of the kitten’s ordeal, but they were not surprised that he was terrified of everyone and everything in his environment. They estimated he was roughly 2 1/2 months old, underweight, but otherwise healthy.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

“He was extremely underweight, dehydrated, and scratched,” said Julie Potter, Paws Crossed Animal Rescue’s business and development manager.

Despite all that had happened to him, Lazos quickly adjusted and began playing with his new buddies. Everyone in the shelter was soon over over heels in love with him.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Lisa Salvadorini, a news anchor, was reading a report from her station; it was about Lazos, and she instantly considered adopting it. The woman went to Paws Crossed Animal Rescue the next day to meet him and felt right away that they were destined to be together.

Salvadorini was given custody of Lazos since he was still young, but he could not take him home until the adoption was finalized. The mom intended to keep Lazos a secret from her children until she returned home with him.

When the kids eventually saw their mother walk in with a cat who wanted nothing more than to love them forever, they were taken aback.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

«It came as a complete shock. “When they met him, they had tears of delight in their eyes,” Salvadorini added.

Lazos is happy to be a part of his new family. He enjoys meeting all of his new neighbors and pals. Everyone is taken aback by how cheerful and lively the kitty is after hearing her story.

Credit: Timofey Yuriev

Fortunately, Lazos hasn’t allowed her past get in the way of her happiness, and she now has a future ahead of her with her wonderful new family. We send him our warmest greetings.

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