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Open The Mosque Doors To Welcome Scores Of Stray Kittens Yearning For A Safe Haven

Every day is a big task for street animals, from facing the hazards that the street itself brings to finding some food and a secure place to relax.

We cannot dispute that these cuddly animals are in grave danger, which is why it is critical to continue carrying out initiatives to raise public awareness of animal abandonment and cruelty.

Credit: Hafız Mustafa Efe

Unfortunately, a big portion of this community of furry individuals is the result of unfortunate decisions made by people who choose to leave them, causing them not only physical but also heart problems.

It should be noted that, when confronted with this situation, many individuals attempt to address a problem of irresponsibility and social education as a result of a lack of a portion of the population.

Credit: Hafız Mustafa Efe

Imam Mustafa Efe, a guy who adores animals, particularly cats, is one of many attempting to address this issue.

Iman decided to aid hundreds of stray kittens roaming the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, by opening the mosque’s doors to those needy creatures in need of a safe haven.

Credit: Hafız Mustafa Efe

This effort began in 2015, but it has grown in strength since then, which is why animal lovers throughout the world respect and adore such a beautiful act.

For Imam, cats are “guests” in the mosque; he ensures that they feel at home and may appreciate the small gestures that save their lives: a roof and food.

Credit: Hafız Mustafa Efe

Many cats come through the mosque on a regular basis, some passing through and others taking over to rear their young. Everyone is welcome and is treated with the love and respect that they deserve.

A touching video was recently revealed in which a stray mother is seen dragging her kids to the mosque and setting them in the speech magnet. Mustafa added his two cents:

“The kitty has discovered the heart of kindness and compassion.”

Acts of kindness and mercy are exactly what stray animals throughout the world require. We appreciate Imam Mustafa for providing a safe haven for the “guests” of Istanbul’s mosque, which they have accepted as their home.

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