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Ten Terrified Kittens Follow A Young Woman And Her Dog, Hoping To Be Rescued

When 10 kittens saw a young girl walking with her dog, they immediately followed them. It was their only hope of survival, and what transpired was far better than they could have anticipated.

Bree Taylor has always been a passionate animal and environment lover. She has a nice little puppy named Koda, and she takes her out every day for a couple of walks. Bree came upon something that devastated her heart one day. Ten kittens, all of them were only a few weeks old, had been dumped in the middle of the road.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The cats approached Bree with much interest, but her initial instinct was that they were feral cats that may scratch her dog.

Fortunately, despite being entirely abandoned, the kittens understood how to interact with humans and everything showed that they were simply seeking a little assistance and attention.

“I was afraid that the mother of the cats might appear from nowhere and harm my pet.” I took a seat on the floor close to them. They didn’t seem to be able to quit purring. “They were ravenous.”

Credit: Zoorprendente

Bree decided to wait a little longer and checked that the kittens were alone. They weren’t behaving like wild cats, though, so it was obvious that they required assistance to live.

They were really attached to Koda and enjoyed being pampered by Bree. The young woman realized she needed to help them, but she couldn’t lift them all up since there were so many.

“I was frightened they’d be hit by a car, but I couldn’t raise them all at once.”

Credit: Zoorprendente

After considerable deliberation, he decided to take Koda home, then return for the others and transport them in a more comfortable manner. The kittens, on the other hand, were adamant about not losing sight of Bree. They had made an instant connection with her and knew she would assist them in staying safe and obtaining food.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Bree attempted to persuade them to wait for her there, but the kittens followed her patiently. They walked nearly a mile to go home with their new companion.

Because the tiniest kitten in the group was too young or weak to keep up with the others, Bree grabbed him in her arms and incorporated him into the march that the kittens had put so much work and passion into.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Taylor returned home and began broadcasting the story of the gorgeous kittens on the networks. Many others assisted her in getting them food and medicine until they were transferred and given a permanent home. After a few months, there was just one kitten left to be adopted, and Bree decided to keep her and her dog Koda.

The kittens’ video has already received more than 150 thousand views:

It’s lucky that this young lady came upon these kittens, who were in desperate need of a kind individual ready to go to any length to save them. And it’s wonderful that the young wildlings realized they could rely on them, that they couldn’t afford to miss such a chance in life, and so they stopped fleeing. All of them now have a permanent home where they will never go hungry or be without affection.

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