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In Search Of A Secure Roof, A Cat Enters A Zoo And Meets A “Dangerous” Lynx And Become Best Friends 

Cats are sometimes stereotyped as isolated creatures incapable of bonding to people or expressing affection, although this is not always the case. The playful kitten in this narrative has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with any animal, including a “threatening” lynx. And it is that true friendships emerge equally among all types of animals.

Credit: St. Petersburg Zoo

It all started at the St. Petersburg Zoo, when a European lynx became best friends with a homeless domestic Russian kitten that had come looking for food and a warm place to sleep.

The lynx could not resist such tenderness since the kitten was so little and defenseless: he embraced her as the finest of hosts, extending her his most genuine friendship.

Credit: St. Petersburg Zoo

“It appears that the kitten requires the lynx as much as she requires him,” zookeepers remarked.

The kitten believes the lynx is her mother since she was too young when she encountered him and she lacked a mother role in her life, as every unprotected baby does.

Credit: St. Petersburg Zoo

Fortunately, the zoo decided to formally adopt the vulnerable kitten after recognizing their lovely connection, so the two animals could live side by side and enjoy every minute together.

“It’s because every animal is on the lookout for a mate.” “It’s horrible to keep animals in confinement so that people can see them; it’s preferable to keep them in pairs so that they may have company as well,” one Internet user said.

Credit: St. Petersburg Zoo

The photographs of the cats together speak for themselves. They don’t stop kissing and cuddling, and his eyes convey a complicated feeling of contentment and delight.

The lynx is completely enamored with the kitten, even shutting his eyes when she kisses him and participating in all of the cat’s adorable activities. They clench their two heads together as if they’ll never part and offer us the finest embrace imaginable.

“What a lovely lynx.” “What joy that they get along so well and that the zoo has adopted the cat,” another internet user said.

Their wonderful connection has gone viral thanks to an emotive film in which they express their love for one another, demonstrating that true friendship transcends species, size, color, gender, and species.

Credit: St. Petersburg Zoo

Without a doubt, this protective lynx’s days in the zoo are the greatest because he lives with his faithful buddy, who gives him experience the freedom he lacks via her devotion.

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