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Thanks To Mom’s Support, A Little Cat With Bent Legs Ends Up Running

If there is one thing we can learn from many animals, it is their resilience in the face of adversity, as demonstrated by this lovely cat born with a paw abnormality.

Dove is the name of our courageous and furry protagonist, who is one of a litter of five kittens born to a tabby cat.

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

Dove was born with his front legs bowed, making it impossible for him to walk normally.

Her brothers usually put her last when it came to eating because of her condition, so she wasn’t eating or developing at the rate she should have been.

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

Dove was taken to Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, along with the rest of the litter and her mother, and was promptly placed in a foster home with her mother Angela.

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

When Angela noticed that Dove couldn’t protect herself from her siblings when it was time to eat, she made sure the small kitten spent more time alone with her mother, and only then was she able to eat freely.

The beautiful kitten began to gain weight and display all of her vigor as a result of the new feeding plan.

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

Physical therapy and other stretching exercises were used to aid her recovery and increase her mobility.

Angela said, “He applied heat, rubbed softly, and extended his front legs.”

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

This cute little ball of fur turned out to be incredibly friendly, and she liked cuddling into the hands of her favorite person every time she finished her physiotherapy.

She also found that there was a world of adventure out there that she wanted to be a part of, so she quickly followed in her siblings’ footsteps and began investigating everything around her.


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Thankfully, Dove’s foster mother and Calliope were there for her, encouraging her to keep going with beautiful purrs.

She has shown to be a highly protective and devoted mother, to the point where she cannot live without her children; if they separate her from them, she begins to scream until she is reunited with them.

Angela remarked, “She always makes sure her kittens are healthy, clean, happy, and nourished.”

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

Dove’s progress has been remarkable; his front legs are not only straighter, but also stronger; he can walk, run, leap, and play like any other kitten.

“It’s perfectly acceptable if it looks a bit different. Angela observes, “She is a joyful girl who lives life to the fullest.”

Credt: Fosteringlove.pdx

Dove is a shining example of tenacity. A small fighter who was always looking for ways to better. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

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