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To “Free” His Freshly Operated Sibling, Cat Learns To Unlock The Shower Door 

Animal intelligence never fails to astonish us; despite not being able to talk in the same way that humans do, they know how to communicate flawlessly to disclose their wants, guard their own, obtain what they desire, and even satisfy their whims.

These felines have demonstrated that their intellect knows no bounds. It revolves around two brothers, Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa, who rose from obscurity to famous status.

Its owner publicized the achievement, causing thousands of people to respond on social media.

Although Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore and her husband had no intention of adopting, they chose to go in and meet tiny Jean while wandering through the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

They fell in love with Jean after spending time with him, and despite having other cats at home, they knew he would join them.

However, they discovered that this cat had a sister, Mona Lisa, and were affected by her plight.

They thought that staying together for pets would be perfect because they shared a particular kinship and had overcome adversity together.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

His human parents are glad to have both of them after a year of double adoption. They will never regret their decision to welcome those who now bring them so much pleasure, hair, and mayhem into their house and hearts.

«Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa are very friendly and fun. They groom each other and are frequently snuggled up in slumber. “They’re never far apart,” Gabrielle explained.

Jean just had a hip fracture and had to undergo surgery. His parents placed him in quarantine in the bathroom shower to ensure that they were not injured again, but Mona Lisa refused to comply and began to miss her brother.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

She meows through the door and attempts to come in when they’re separated. “Since we separated her from Jean, she’s said that she needs more of our embraces,” Gabriele continued.

Jean’s parents were taken aback when they saw her hobbling down the stairs.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

They put him back in the shower and controlled the door bathroom without knowing how he had fled.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

It didn’t take them long to figure out that Mona Lisa had found out how to unlock the bathroom and shower doors so she could reach her brother.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

“Mona Lisa eats her brother’s food and uses his litter box at that time, but she also remains to brush each other.

It was lovely to see Jean brighten up a little. “I think he’s upset about being apart from her,” Gabrielle stated.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

Gabrielle let the two spend time together, but she kept close by to keep an eye on them.

Credit: Gabrielle Zaffiro McLemore

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