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A Governor Attempts To Discuss The Coronavirus In Real Time, But His Kitty Decides To Interrupt Him

Many of us had to alter our habits in some manner as a result of the epidemic. Some people can continue to work from home, giving them the delightful opportunity to spend more time with their pets and family.

Many furry individuals don’t comprehend what’s going on, and all they want is to be pampered and play games to pass the time.

Credit: Kicillof

Working while your pet brings his favorite toy with you might be challenging, but there’s nothing like yielding and spending a few more minutes with the animals. The governor of Buenos Aires has gone viral after delivering an interview from his house and surprised everyone with a lovely visitor for whom no one was prepared.

Credit: Kicillof

It all transpired as part of America’s Intruders program. Axel Kicillof is at home, as predicted, following the norms of social isolation.

He had a tiny set ready for the interview, but he had not expected the curious kitty to leap at the chance for a few minutes of glory.

Kicillof laughed, “Uh, I got the cat.”

Credit: Kicillof

A lovely gray kitty leaps onto his lap and occupies him for a few seconds while he answers one of the questions. He pampers her and lets her go anywhere she wants.

After all, kittens are renowned to be the monarchs of the house. This was the most talked about aspect of the conversation since it was so wonderful and unexpected.

Credit: Kicillof

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