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A Wailing Kitten That Has Lost An Eye As A Result Of Human Cruelty Is Just Discarded

When a mother was driving her children to school, she came upon a severely injured cat. The kitten appeared to be on the verge of death; he was missing one eye, and to make matters worse, he had been abandoned in a rubbish can.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

The woman immediately alerted the Bredhurst Cats Protection rescuers, who have been battling for the fluffy ever since. They gave him the name Artex, and a trip to the vet proved that this poor animal had only experienced cruel and terrible treatment.

“We don’t know much about his background,” a Cats Protection spokeswoman said, “but we’re going to make sure he gets all the care he needs.”

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

Following a thorough examination, veterinarians have a dreadful guess as to why Artex lost his sight. Everything points to him receiving such a powerful and painful hit that his eye was literally thrown out.

Worse, the wound was never cleansed or cured, leaving the poor man in excruciating anguish.

“He’ll require surgery in the near future to better clean and stitch his eye socket,” one of the rescuers added.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

Leaving him in a garbage can simply exacerbated his infection risk and effectively put him to death. Thankfully, help arrived just in time.

They treated his wounds and bathed him to get rid of the fleas that had been bothering him so severely. The procedure was incredibly tough since the anxious kitten was highly wary of humans.

“With humans, he is not at all at ease.” “He’s terrified and doesn’t want to be held,” a rescue worker stated.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

He didn’t appear to realize that there were a lot of people ready to help him, which was logical given his history of harsh treatment.

For many people, a kitten in such a precarious circumstance is a lost cause. Fortunately, Bredhurst Cats Protection isn’t about to give up on Artex. To fully recuperate, it will take a long period and a lot of effort.

“We predict that the Artex lawsuit will take months and that we will have to pay close to $ 800.” “Any gift will be much appreciated,” a rescuer stated.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

Rescuers are soliciting donations to pay the costs of his operation. Many people were moved by the story of the adorable cat, and they were able to raise more money than they expected. All donations earned will go to Artex’s comfort and will assist you in obtaining all you require to begin your new life.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

Any money left over will be given to other kittens in the foundation’s care who are likewise in poor health.

Artex will be placed in an expert foster home after he has completely recovered his strength to help him rediscover his confidence in people.

Credit: Bredhurst Cats Protection

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