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She Calls Out For Help To Save Her Cat, Who Is Dying In Her Arms As A Result Of The Fire

Those who choose to be firemen are unique individuals. Their emblem is the love of life, and they go out of their way to aid people and animals who are going through the most difficult and stressful emotional circumstances that they face with courage, and they never give up in order to complete their objective.

It’s heartbreaking to see someone’s life slip away, yet our heroes were there to save a dying kitten while putting out a raging fire in a residential building.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

A team of firemen from the Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM) discovered the pet, which was barely alive, close to a ladder near the entrance of one of the burning building’s apartments in Volgograd.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

One of the firefighters took his almost lifeless body from the blazing building, and they attempted to resuscitate him in the street, but the virtually pulseless cat did not respond. Without giving up hope, these heroes began performing cardiorespiratory resuscitation in front of his distraught owner, who begged rescuers to save her cat’s life.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

The horrific incident was recorded on camera, demonstrating the firefighters’ heroic efforts.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

The photos show rescuers massaging the cat’s chest while providing compressed oxygen. After a few torturous minutes, Moggy begins to exhibit vital signs and eventually reacts fully.

Everyone in the room was ecstatic to see him breathing. Moggy was returned to his owner, who cried tears of joy.

This kitten on the verge of death was saved by a stroke of luck, due to the assistance of firemen, who may nearly be said to have brought him back to life.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

Our gratitude and respect for these heroes’ efforts!

Once Moggy was awake and out of harm’s way, his clearly pleased owner cuddled him and kept him curled against her breast.

Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM)

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