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They Catch These Stray Kittens While Carefully Following To Social Distance Rules

Experts have often expressed concern about the coronavirus’s rapid spread. This is why several countries have implemented social isolation policies. In reality, officials continue to visit numerous homes to put a halt to parties and gatherings of individuals who refuse to acknowledge their isolation.

Credit: WHO

Fortunately, the kittens will always be there to explain how things should be done to us, thanks to their incredible cleverness. While in the Philippines, Coleen Joice Aquino stumbled upon something that left her dumbfounded. Some lovely kittens were occupied the circles of a sidewalk, keeping the necessary distance from the experts.

“These kitties are smarter than many humans,” one social media user quipped.

Credit: WHO

Many retailers and marketplaces use this method to allow consumers to queue without touching one another, reducing the danger of infection. Take a look at these kitties if you have any questions about the proper way to act during these days.

Credit: WHO

Coleen shared the photo on social media, and it instantly became a global sensation. Thousands of comments and jokes about the cleverness of these gorgeous creatures poured in from all around the world. Those who own a kitten, on the other hand, are well aware that this is nothing new.

¬ęThey feel considerably safer when they are in these locations. “It gives them the impression that they can hide from predators,” said Mieshelle Nagelschneider, a feline behavior specialist.

Credit: WHO

These creatures prefer to be kept in boxes or marked with squares and circles. There are even challenges on the internet for sketching one of these figurines and patiently waiting for your kitty to decide to remain. Even bigger animals like lions and tigers have benefited from these tests.

“It’s a natural instinct for him.” “A circle painted on the ground is enough to make them feel comfortable,” Nagelschneider remarked.

Credit: WHO

Coleen was fortunate enough to record this amusing scene. Kittens have always been curious, and there’s no question that we might learn a thing or two from them this time.

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