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A Delivery Driver Steps Away From His Car For 5 Minutes – And Returns To A Cat

Lauren Kasdan was delivering dinner in a peaceful area one night, and she was anticipating an equally calm night. She stepped out of her car at 11 p.m., dropped the meal off on a customer’s doorstep, texted them to let them know it had come, and then walked back to her car, which was parked nearby. She was just gone for a few of minutes.

And there was a cat waiting for her in the passenger seat when she returned.


Kasdan told The Dodo, “I believed I was hallucinating for a second.” “It was difficult to comprehend. It was just… a cat. “I’m driving.”

Kasdan’s front windows were slightly open, so the cat must have interpreted this as an invitation and jumped straight in. The cat, eventually called Athena, remained unfazed when Kasdan returned to her car. It was almost as though she’d been expecting her.


Kasdan remarked, “She acted like she was intended to be there.” “She was sniffing about my middle console and the seat like she belonged there.” ‘Oh, hi!’ she said as I returned. Is this your automobile? It’s comfortable and toasty.’ She didn’t try to flee or spook. She really got into my lap and began purring and nibbling at my legs.”

Kasdan suspected Athena had been living alone for a time because she was extremely skinny, filthy, and flea-infested. She had no clue where the adorable kitten had come from, but she knew she couldn’t leave her alone. Kasdan went straight to Walgreens to grab some cat food and litter before heading to her mother’s house to get Athena settled.


Athena was the loveliest thing during the entire procedure. She understood she needed assistance and was thankful to Kasdan and her mother for providing it. Athena was nothing but agreeable, even when Kasdan had to give her a bath to clean her up. She’d gotten into that automobile in search of assistance, and now that she’d found it, nothing could stop her.


Kasdan explained, “I started the water, placed her in gently, and she relaxed almost instantly.” “At first, she was meowing very loudly, but as I started cleaning her with flea and tick shampoo, she quiet down and began purring… When I brought her out, I wrapped her in a towel and held her in my arms till she fell asleep.”


Kasdan looked for a microchip on Athena but couldn’t discover one. Although it’s unlikely that she has a family based on her condition, Kasdan decided to post on numerous lost and found pet pages just in case. Kasdan and her family have always loved dogs, but when her mother met Athena and realized how nice she was, she knew she would keep her if no one else claimed her.


Athena is settling in nicely to her new home and all she wants is to be pampered all the time. She was only hoping for the best when she got into Kasdan’s car that night, and she had no clue that her life was about to alter forever.

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