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A Rescued Kitten Has Found A New Home, But His Adoptive Mother Cat Refuses To Let Him Go

Recently, Reddit member Todontblink shared a touching tale of a rescued kitten. Fear had trapped the poor infant in the center of a road, screaming for aid as loudly as it could. Cars passed him by, but no one stopped. Todontblink noticed him and couldn’t pass him by. He brought the kitten home with him, intending to be his foster father for a while.

Credit: Tweetcat

The kitten was understandably terrified on his first day at home, but he soon began to relax. Todontblink has a cat and two dogs at home, and the kitten warmed up to them in just a few days.

Credit: Tweetcat

It didn’t hurt that his orange tabby had taken the kitten under its wing. She pretended to be his mother and snuggled with the cat all day. But, ultimately, the time arrived for adoption.

Credit: Tweetcat

When it happened, the cat did something unusual. It refused to let go of her cat. Todontblink didn’t have the heart to separate them since she loves him like one of her own. He chose to adopt the kitten, and they now have a wonderful life together.

Credit: Tweetcat

His house was clearly the sweet spot the kitty required, and we’re glad this tale ended happily.

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