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Her Life Is At Risk By Cancer, Yet All She Wants Is To Save Her Kittens From The Streets

Some people devote their entire lives to assisting street animals. This is exactly what Gommy Bustamante has accomplished. Her life has not been simple, but despite the difficulties she has faced, her first concern has always been to help the kitties that live on the streets.

Gommy has had to deal with several family conflicts and financial difficulties. She is now in risk of succumbing to cancer, and all she wants to do is flee with the knowledge that her babies will be safe.

Gommy’s health has deteriorated as a result of his cancer therapy. He can hardly get out of bed some days, yet he gives it his all and goes to see the kittens. Thankfully, she has the support of her son and a group of volunteers who have opted to tackle this difficult problem on their own.

They are harmless entities that do no damage to others, yet many people are prepared to go to any length to rid themselves of them.

“Street dogs and cats are suffering. They become hungry and are ejected. “I’m not sure how people just leave them there,” Gommy muses.

Authorities have arrived equipped with sticks and water on multiple occasions, scaring the kittens away and leaving the space utterly vacant. Gommy has attempted to raise her voice, and now that she realizes she only has a short time left, she is organizing a sanctuary for all of the kittens.

The city of Lima has declared that the square will be remodeled, which means that the furry ones will require more protection than before. They are accepting donations and resources for the shelter. Gommy’s tale has inspired people all around the world, and various groups are assisting her in achieving her dying request.

“We’d want to assist Gommy.” We’ll create a page later to advertise several kittens for adoption. “They’ll go through a socialization process to ensure a responsible adoption,” noted Micaela Ochoa, a volunteer.

Gommy solely thinks about her “kids” even in her final months. He has spent his entire life caring for these kittens and deserves to be able to depart knowing that they will be secure. His experience exemplifies the necessity for all types of assistance for street animals.

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