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When A Woman Goes Out Looking For Her Cat, She Discovers Him With His ‘Twin’ Out Side Playing 

Devi Larsen, a lady from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, observed a bizarre occurrence in which her cat, Loki, was the main character. His mother felt he was the only one of his kind since he has a unique personality and is fairly overweight.

Devi noticed a lot of noises coming from her backyard one day while she was working, and when she walked out, she saw a clone of her cat and Loki looking at him.

Loki is an extremely affectionate and sociable cat that is known for forming pleasant bonds with everyone he encounters.


According to Devi Larsen, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When people who don’t like cats come around, he always changes his mind since he is a really friendly person who enjoys meeting new people.”

The animal is also naughty and enjoys spending time outside; if the door is unlocked, he bolts for the open road.


Devi expressed herself as follows:

He’s been interested with the outdoors since he was a kitten. “By intrigued, I mean he rushes off to lie down on the grass and munch grass.”

However, she has never liked the notion of letting her cat outside since she is frightened of something happening to her.


To make Loki happy, she came up with the idea of tying him to the terrace with a long strap so he could enjoy the fresh air. When Loki wants to go outside, the lady ties a harness on the leash and leaves him in the yard, allowing her to relax.


Devi decided to let Loki outside one day while she was working at home so he might enjoy the brilliant weather.

Devi was on a business call when she heard a ruckus and many growls coming from the yard, so she quickly ended the call to investigate.

She assumed she had wounded herself while attempting to cause trouble.


Devi felt she was seeing double when she discovered two plump gray kitties that appeared to be twins.

Devi expressed herself as follows:

“I’d never seen another cat in the area like Loki before, so when I stepped outside and saw the scenario in front of me, I was very perplexed!” It took a moment for me to realize that one of these wasn’t my cat!


At that point, the woman hastily snapped a shot to capture the action, share it online, and track down the owner of the second cat. She didn’t sure how to tell which of her cats was hers, so she remembered that hers had to be wearing a harness; to his astonishment, the harness was lying around in the yard.

Strangest of all, both cats were enraged and snarling at each other, as if they were not pleased to have found their twin.


Devi needed to know which of her cats was hers so she could separate them and avoid a conflict, but as she went to take it, everything changed.

Devi commented on Reddit:

“When I noticed the other cat was wearing a black harness, I swiftly grabbed Loki to stop him.” Before that, he lunged quicker than he’d ever moved in his life and straight tackled the other cat, and they collided.

Despite the fact that neither of the two cats were hurt, the woman was left with several scratches as a result of attempting to separate them. Devi had to see the doctor, where she was immunized against tetanus and given different medications.


Devi wanted to make sure the other cat was all right, but when I tried to catch him, he bolted, so she left him some food in case he returned.

Devi resolved to herself that she would never let Loki in the yard without her supervision again, in order to avoid another incident like this.


Devi said:

“Because we reared him that way, he’s normally quite friendly with other animals.” Perhaps he wasn’t pleased with what he saw in the mirror.


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