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When A Young Man With Autism Receives A New Cat To Comfort Him, He Can’t Stop Crying

Losing a pet is extremely painful, as these creatures are considered members of the family and are thus adored. Everything that happens to these beings has a direct impact on each of the family members.

Morgan is an autistic youngster who was heartbroken after losing his favorite kitty.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

Morgan’s mother, Cynthia Roseberry, recalled that when Tabby initially arrived home, she was hesitant to adjust until she grew accustomed to her new surroundings.

“After a while, she became more calm and began to seek Morgan’s attention,” Cynthia explained.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

“Almost from the beginning, he referred to her as ‘his daughter,'” Cynthia continued.

Morgan has autism, and his link with Tabby, whom he met as a baby, has always been very important to him. For ten years, the two were as close as they could be, but in September of last year, Tabby died of old age at the age of 16, and Morgan was devastated.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

«I had been devastated for a long time. “He had a funeral that the entire family came to,” his mother stated.

Morgan grieved her closest friend’s death and sought time to digest her feelings.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

Morgan’s family planned to surprise him with a new pet at his birthday party after he told them he was finally ready to get another cat just before his 18th birthday.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

Morgan was first perplexed when he opened one of his gifts and saw cat toys inside; nevertheless, it didn’t take long for him to comprehend what was going on.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

Morgan started weeping because she couldn’t contain her joy after opening the carrier and carefully bringing out the new cat. His emotional reaction was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media.

He still missed Tabby a much, but he was overjoyed to have a new pet in his life. Morgan chose the name Vitani for her new rescue cat after a character in “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.”

Everyone at Morgan’s celebration was moved by his loss of Tabby, and they were thrilled to be able to assist him in moving on and beginning a new chapter of his life with Vitani.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

Morgan and Vitani have already formed an unbelievable friendship. Morgan is overjoyed to get another kitten to care for and share her affection with, despite the fact that she will never forget Tabby.

Credit: Cynthia Roseberry

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