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After A Dangerous And Costly Journey To The United States, A Brisbane Cat Returns Home

Who doesn’t despise dieting? We are well aware of this. It irritates our pets as well. That’s why it’s so difficult to persuade individuals to lose weight when they become overweight or obese. Pet owners are frequently compelled to go to great lengths to ensure that their cats and dogs remain healthy and trim. After spending thousands on slimming therapy for her cat, a woman from Bristol had to place a lock on her fridge.

Credit: Sara Matthews

For her daughter’s 10th birthday, Sara Matthews of Bristol acquired a rescue cat named Keith. Keith had always been a bit on the overweight side, but when Sara took him in, it became a major issue. Keith’s weight is still two stone despite her putting him on a diet and spending hundreds on special meals.

Credit: Sara Matthews

Sara has gone to great lengths to ensure Keith is on a diet. She spent almost £2,500 on various diets and pet exams in 2020. Keith would frequently get into the fridge and take food and snacks, so she installed kid locks. Cabinets were the same way. Sara secured the one holding the food bags with a child lock and placed a big bag of trash in front of it to prevent Keith from raiding it. Even still, the cat continued to do it, indulging in a large dinner.

Credit: Sara Matthews

The cat was checked for Kushing’s disease and other illnesses, but all of the results have come back negative. Sara manages Keith’s Instagram account, which has over 750,000 followers. Many of them are tremendous admirers, yet Sara is often bombarded with harsh comments from people who feel she isn’t properly caring for him.

Credit: Sara Matthews

She’s currently attempting to get him to weigh less than 7 kg. Keith is nine years old, and he needs to lose weight as quickly as possible.

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