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This Viral Video Of A Cat And Dog Buddy Warming Up On A Cold Winter Day Is Going Viral On The Internet

No matter what anybody tells you, extraordinary and unheard-of friendships exist. Cats and dogs can be pals, as seen by a recent viral video. A pup and kitten warm themselves near a fire at an Indonesian zoo, filmed by one of the zoo’s officers on a cold day.

Credit: @susantananda3

It’s a cliche to say that they warmed all of our hearts, but they did. The lovely couple sits close to each other next to a flaming barrel. One of the zoo’s officers captioned the photo on Facebook, “Warming themselves and our hearts.” It’s the most accurate caption we’ve ever seen, and if you need something to warm your heart tonight, watch the video below.

Credit: @susantananda3

Thousands of people watched the video, and there were just as many comments. Not surprisingly, the sweet friendship astonished the twitter world, and you will be as well once you see it.

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