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When Some Tigers And Other Big Cats See A Watermelon For The First Time, They Are Totally Shocked

After all, tigers, cheetahs, and other large cats are cats. It’s been seen in a lot of videos. Despite their size and aggressiveness, they frequently behave in the same manner as their smaller cousins. Do you require further proof? Observe their reactions as they learn something new.

Credit: Tweetcat

It’s a watermelon in this situation. It’s always interesting to observe how cats respond to new things, and these large ones win the prize.

Credit: Tweetcat

What is the best way for large cats to eat watermelons? It appears to be in the sweetest conceivable way. A zoo just posted a video of them discovering their first watermelon, and their response is amazing. We adore all of their reactions, particularly the leopards.

Take a look at this incredible video:

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