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An Elderly Cat Enjoys Watching Movies With Her Mother And Constantly Begs Her For A Movie Night

We enjoy going to the movies or watching them on Netflix and other comparable applications, but cats do not. They can look at the TV while a cartoon is on, but they aren’t great moviegoers. At least, not all cats are.

Credit: Tweetcat

Meet Ella, the cat that enjoys watching television. She was just adopted by a couple who couldn’t decide whether to buy a cat or a dog. Ella’s mother, Emily, favored dogs, while her husband chose cats. They went to a shelter to adopt a cat and received Ella, but Emily didn’t feel a connection with the feline at first.

Credit: Tweetcat

Ella is a senior cat that enjoys spending time with her human companions. Even though Emily didn’t connect with her right away, they quickly became close friends. The fact that the cat enjoys watching movies with Emily has undoubtedly contributed to their strong relationship.

Credit: Tweetcat

While watching The Grinch, Emily realized how much her cat enjoys movies. Ella crept close to Emily and watched the entire movie. The mother assumed it was a one-time occurrence, but the cat would now come to Emily whenever she was watching a movie. Ella meowed each evening, begging her mother for a new movie, and it became a routine for them. It drew them closer together and turned them into inseparable buds.

Credit: Tweetcat

A video of Ella and Emily’s moviegoing escapades may be seen below. It’s the finest thing you’ll see today on the Internet.

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