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With His Charm, A Kitten Who Looks Like An Old Man Wins Everyone’s Heart

A small cat with the prettiest grandfather face has a tremendous desire to please and is determined to win over everyone.

Stephanie Medrano, a fosterer with Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles, received an urgent request for the rescue of a few small newborn Himalayan kittens. The young boy was born with a congenital abnormality and twisted rear legs. Despite everything, the kitten maintained a healthy appetite and was cheerful, demonstrating a strong desire to measure.

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

The veterinarian gave the kitten’s owners a bleak prognosis. They didn’t have the expertise to properly care for his legs, but they wanted to help him. Stephanie stepped up to the plate as soon as she learnt of his predicament.
“As soon as I saw his face, I thought of his name, ‘Grandpa,'” Stephanie continued.

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

Grandpa has the sweetest old guy face, which just adds to his charm. Because of his congenital abnormality, he must be tube-fed 24 hours a day, using a specialized feeding technique to prevent the kitten from aspirating.

Grandpa rested comfortably in an incubator after obtaining a full meal and promptly fell asleep.
Grandpa will never feel lonely since a cuddle entertain a heartbeat (fake mother) was placed inside the incubator to keep him company.

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

Stephanie has started massaging his twisted legs every couple hours at supper time to help him right them. Little Grandpa may be a trooper, despite his diminutive stature, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Before returning to his false mom for a few fierce snuggles, the pint-sized wonder enjoys some palm hugging with his human after each meal. The tiny man is beginning to flourish with adequate care, nutritious food, and commitment from his family.

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

Grandpa is wise beyond his years and uses the tiniest meows when he speaks. The young boy has been napping and developing for a long time and will soon open his eyes to see for the first time.

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

“As he gets older, we’ll see if the stretching has benefited his legs, and we’ll be able to look at his birth condition more thoroughly,” Stephanie explained.

“As he gets older, he may need braces on his legs to help them adjust even more, as well as surgery to fix the cleft.”

Credit: Stephanie Medrano

Stephanie, along with everyone at Stray Cat Alliance, is pulling for this miraculous feline and wants to ensure that he has the best possible life.

Grandpa the kitty, on the other hand, continues to swoon hearts with his lovely attitude and charisma. The little man with the sweetest grandfather face is soaking up all the love in his new life.

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