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10 Photos That Prove Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

If there’s one thing cats are good at, it’s knocking over pricey trinkets and trinkets off tables and countertops. It’s also a well-known truth that cats have a knack for lying asleep in the most unexpected of settings.

Most cats snooze or nap for roughly 16 hours each day on average. As a result, cats appear to be prone to sleeping in some of the most uncomfortable and downright strange places to ensure they receive all the beauty sleep they desire but don’t need. Check out the proof in the 10 photographs below.

#1 The cat-grass is growing in very nicely…

#2 This is a whole angel’s face.

#3 Napping may be a group activity.

#4 This is most likely a little unfair to the first kitten.

#5 Here’s a snoozer that fits in your pocket.

#6 While birding, someone fell asleep.

#7 A sweet, understated way of stating “enough labor for today.”

#8 When you’re hardly ‘hanging out there’ 

#9 “This bed is the perfect size for me!”

#10 It’s not really comfortable, but hey, it’s toasty!

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