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Adopted At The Age Of Twenty, He Still Has Enough Of Love To Give

People frequently choose younger kittens when adopting cats (or other pets for that matter). Old cats are rarely adopted, which is unfortunate because they, too, have a lot of love to share. Take a look at Dexter the cat for example. The 20-year-old cat was just adopted after a long absence, and his family was taken aback by how affectionate the feline is.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

A family from Utah was seeking a small kitten when they went to the Best Friends Animal Society shelter to adopt a cat. Dexter, on the other hand, has their hearts. He was toothless at 20 years old and clearly didn’t have much time on his hands. They couldn’t leave home without him since he was so nice.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Dexter snuggled with his new owners as soon as he arrived at his new home. The cat and JJ, his new small human, formed an immediate attachment.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Every day, the cat assured the family that they had made the correct decision. He’d snuggle up to them, purring and rubbing his head on their arms.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Dexter was even friendly with the family’s pets. It didn’t take long for him to become the new king of the home, in true feline form.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

The cat lasted for another two years before dying. His new family wasn’t in tears; instead, they were appreciative for the time they had with the affectionate feline. Another example of how it is never too late to save a life.

Watch Dexter’s family’s goodbye video here:

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