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This Little Guy Is Now Fat, Happy, and My New Best Friend After Two Weeks of Bottle Feeding

After rescuing a tiny cat whose eyes hadn’t yet opened, they experienced several restless nights. He was dubbed “Little Gatsby” by his parents.

“This little guy is now plump, happy, and my new best buddy after 2 arduous weeks of bottle feeding,” the rescuer posted on Reddit.

“I found this cat alone in the yard,” they explained. “When the mom relocated the nest, she left this one out in the open in my yard, and I saw a cat approach it and then go away, presuming it was the mom.”

Credit: Tweetcat

Gatsby is prospering in his new family’s house, thanks to a lot of affection.

“After some milk and a warm belly rub, Little Gatsby is extremely satisfied.”

Credit: Tweetcat

The 24-hour care began the night they discovered him.

He was a teeny-tiny little thing! They gave him blankets to keep him warm.

Credit: Tweetcat

One of their dogs even came over to assist.

Then, as the kitten was napping on his human’s shirt, another family dog arrived to pay him a visit.

Credit: Tweetcat

This lovely little one was brought back to health after days of feeding and attention.

He has always enjoyed having his tummy stroked.

Credit: Tweetcat

One month later, he is a very happy lapcat!

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