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This Male Cat Is Excited to Be Playing Mommy Role And To Take Care Of This Kitten 

Henry, an 8-month-old rescue cat with a neurological disease that causes him to wobble, astonished everyone with his tremendous maternal instinct. When he initially came across a litter of abandoned kittens on the side of the road, he took them under his wing and began caring for them as if they were his own.

On Price of Wales in Alaska, six small three-week-old kittens were discovered inside a cardboard box.

The Ketchikan Humane Society’s Heather Muench told KRBD that some youngsters coming home from school heard them screaming in their box.

Henry decided to provide a helping hand as Muench was caring for and feeding the kittens around the clock.

Credit: Ketchikan Humane Society

“It’s actually sort of cute,” Muench added.

“The first thing he does is begin licking one obsessively.” He’ll be in there for hours, licking them again and over. ‘Oh my god, they’re not going to have any fur left,’ I think. He is, however, an expert at cleaning things up. I shouldn’t whine because then I won’t have to do anything.

The cat’s care improves their chances of survival.”

Henry was very serious about his profession.

Credit: Ketchikan Humane Society

“He was quite angry yesterday when I brought them to work with me because someone had stolen his babies for the day,” she continued. “When they got home, he was like, ‘Get them out of the carrying case,'” says the author. “Return my children!”

Muench had to take the infants to work with her to feed them when they needed to be fed, despite Henry’s assistance.

Henry was a wonderful foster father who made a tremendous impact in the lives of these adorable kittens.

“Mama Henry paced and wailed all day because Opposable Thumbs stole his kittens and took them to the veterinarian clinic,” says the video. He jumped in to give everyone a thorough wash and make sure they were all in good shape when they were returned. By the look he gives the camera at the conclusion, you can tell he’s saying:

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