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On A Farm, A Dog Rescues A Kitten Who Was Found Alone And Becomes Best Friends

A small orphaned kitten has happily found a new permanent home, as well as a to keep her company!

Morgan, who is also the delighted pet parent of five pups, had no intention of getting a new cat, but she was surprised when this small kitten found her way into her life.

Morgan noticed some weak meows coming from beyond the farm area a few months ago. “We tried yelling for her but couldn’t find her in the thicket of woods behind our farm,” Morgan recalled. “So we got one of our large cats over to where she was wailing and he smelled her out straight away.” She was ensconced in a little tree stump.”

Credit: Tweetcat

“We were worried about her when it got dark since we live on a farm where foxes come around a lot,” Morgan continued. “So I took her outside and brought her in.” She was blind and coated with fleas and couldn’t see anything.”

Polly was chosen as the kitten’s name. Paxton (aka Pax), the 12-year-old resident dog, came to the kitten when she heard her squeaks and gave her a wash.

The loving behemoth of a dog took to the small cat right away and began to care for her. Obviously, the cat was lured to the enormous dog’s warmth and nestled into his fur for some relief. The cat stopped weeping straight away, snuggled up close to the dog, and went to sleep.

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“Before she could bathe herself, Pax would clean all the bottle milk off her,” Morgan said. “He has taught her so many dog things, including an off-barking noise she makes.”

Even now, Polly follows her best canine friend everywhere, like a cute little shadow.

The former stray truly has grown into a rambunctious older kitten. She is full of mischief. Pax always just lets her play and wrestle with his tail and never seems to get tired of all her playful ways!

Be sure to watch the inspiring video clip of Polly and Pax in the cute video clip just below:

Credit: Tweetcat

“Pax would wipe all the bottle milk off her before she could bathe,” Morgan said. “He’s taught her a lot about dogs, including how to produce off-kilter barking sounds.”

Polly still follows her closest canine companion around like a beautiful little shadow.

The stray kitten has matured into a rowdy elder kitty. She’s a prankster to the core. Pax never gets tired of letting her play and wrestle with his tail, and he never seems to get tired of her remunerative methods!

Make sure you watch Polly and Pax in the charming movie clip below for some motivation:

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