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Owner Got A Cat In 1988 And Had No Idea He’d Be Celebrating His 30th Birthday 30 Years Later

Everyone wishes they could have their best furry companion at their side all of the time. Michele Foster is a very fortunate woman.

Rubble, a 31-year-old cat from Exeter, England, was given to her as a gift for her 20th birthday in May of 1988.

Credit: Michele Foster

In May, this lovely Maine Coon-type cat became 31 years old, making him the world’s oldest living cat as of November of this year.

The two had been inseparable buddies for all of those years. Michele claimed that he is very devoted and affectionate, but that he has become grouchy as he has gotten older.

Credit: Michele Foster

She feels that part of his extended life is due to a lot of affection and attention.

Rubble has been quite healthy on his own, but he is presently suffering from high blood pressure.

“Rubble is very possibly the oldest cat in the UK and is still going strong,” says Dr. Shawn Moore of City Vets, who looks after his health. He takes blood pressure medication, but other than that, he is in excellent condition.”

Credit: Michele Foster

The Guinness Book of World Records has yet to establish his formal position as the world’s oldest cat. “He has plenty of life left in him still,” Michele continues, “but I don’t believe we’ll go down the Guinness World Record road because I’m not sure he’d enjoy a lot of people coming to see him or a big fuss made over him.”

Credit: Michele Foster

He’s getting on in years and doesn’t want to be bothered. We’d prefer if he were just allowed to live out his days in peace.”

The typical lifespan of a house cat is 15-20 years, but that of an outdoor cat is just 2-9 years.

You beautiful fuzzy ball, have a wonderful 31st birthday!

Credit: Michele Foster

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