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These Cats Have Amassed A Sizable Collection Of Hats Made From Their Waste Fur

Isn’t it true that cats are the prettiest animals on the planet? They can be cute at times, with cute sleep expressions or the famed cat curiosity when exploring new places. Let’s not even get started on the expressions on their faces when you put some clothing on them.

Mugi, Nyaa, and Mar, a trio of Scottish fold cats owned by Ryo Yamazaki, have no such issues. Mr. Yamazaki is a photographer who devised a novel solution to the daily bags of shed fur that his cats leave behind. He turns it into gorgeous cats and lets his adorable cats wear it. And, of course, he snaps pictures of everything.

Myazaki’s Instagram account is littered with photos of his kitties wearing adorable headgear. There’s a photo of Trump wearing a toupee and a Viking helmet. They will, without a doubt, brighten your day.

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