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They Make Sure That Their Cat Is Afraid Of Touching The Christmas Tree So That He Don’t Ruin It

A cat might be the ideal companion for folks searching for a relaxing companion, but it’s important to realize that they’re more than simply a fluffy ball of hair. Some people are frigid, demanding, calm, or naughty.

As a result, many cat owners are seeking for ways to keep their naughty felines from destroying irreplaceable items.

This is the story of Victor, an extroverted cat who, from the moment he came at his new home, did not hesitate to show off his playful side.

Credit: Olocco

Despite his exuberant personality, his mother, Olocco, just found that he has a tangerine phobia. In this sense, Olocco expressed his thoughts:

“We were sitting on the couch together when I grabbed a tangerine, which hissed and bolted when I started peeling it.”

Credit: Olocco

Victor cannot see oranges, lemons, or tangerines because his reaction changes drastically. It did not take long for Olocco to learn that his naughty cat is scared of orange fruits that are extremely similar.

Credit: Olocco

Victor has always been a rebellious cat, especially when it comes to certain items in the house that he is not allowed to remove or furniture that he is not permitted to play on.

In light of this, Victor’s mother decided to take advantage of Victor’s anxiety.

“I started putting oranges or tangerines on furniture where I didn’t want it to climb,” Olocco explained.

Credit: Olocco

This new weapon could not have come at a better time for Olocco, since keeping the ornaments in place and the tree in immaculate shape has always been a difficulty with Christmas approaching.

Victor enjoys stealing Christmas backdrops and dismantling other Christmas decorations.

Credit: Olocco

Every Christmas, his mother warns him, “don’t damage the Christmas tree,” but the naughty cat constantly defies the advice and gets his way.

But things would be different this year since he came up with the brilliant idea of keeping his unruly ball of fur away from the Christmas decorations.

“I’d had enough with reminding him not to touch the decorations. I decided to have a tangerine in the middle of the morning and had the wonderful notion… “It worked immediately away,” Olocco remarked.

Credit: Olocco

To keep Victor from touching and playing with the Christmas decorations, Olocco fashioned a force field using tangerines, which he used to surround the tree.

Surprisingly, the cunning cat seemed to grasp that it is a prohibited zone, and he has not attempted to steal the scenes since.

Credit: Olocco

He enjoys playing with the tree decorations, but he is more afraid of tangerines, so he remains careful and away from the new prohibited zone.

Olocco is relieved to be able to keep the Christmas tree secure owing to his pet cat’s peculiar phobia.

Credit: Olocco

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