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After Growing Up In A Filthy Prison, A Persian  Cat Was Left Blind And Is Now Getting The Attention He Deserves

Moet is a lovely white Persian cat who barely made it through the first few months of his existence. He became an evangelist for homeless kittens after becoming blinded by an infectious condition.

Credit: Emily Shotter

The tiny one was born in an illegal kennel where the wellbeing of the animals was the last thing on his mind; most kennels are only concerned with generating a profit and do not consider all of the care that the furry newborns require.

Credit: Emily Shotter

After a few weeks, poor Moet was relocated to a pet store, where his plight only worsened; he was confined in a cramped cage with everything filthy.

This was quite risky for such a young cat.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Moet began to exhibit all of the signs of cat flu, but no one appeared interested in assisting him.

Fortunately, the Omani Paws rescuers saved him and transported him to a veterinarian right after, where they confirmed that his health was in grave danger.

Credit: Emily Shotter

The damage to his eyes was irrevocable, and the only option to rescue him was to remove them entirely. The child would grow blind, but he would live and experience the love of a family.

Moet met the woman who would become his adoptive mother just a few weeks after his operation.

Moet, along with two other kittens that would become his siblings, was adopted.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Emily Shotter was absolutely smitten by the adorable fuzzy and did not hesitate to let him into her house. Emily was in charge of providing him with all of the care he required as a blind kitten.Emily Shotter was absolutely smitten by the adorable fuzzy and did not hesitate to let him into her house. Emily was in charge of providing him with all of the care he required as a blind kitten.

Credit: Emily Shotter

He is now not only safe and sound, but he has also established himself as a social media sensation.

“Moet has a wicked sense of humour. “He despises boredom and won’t hesitate to holler to catch other people’s attention,” Emily joked.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Shotter began uploading photos of Moet and gained thousands of followers in a couple of months.

They decided to take advantage of the opportunity to raise awareness about the numerous issues that animals suffer on Oman’s streets.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Shotter and the Omani Paws Foundation are urging that the government of Oman adopt an animal protection law, citing Moet’s more than 70,000 followers.

Because there is presently no law in Oman that covers cats and dogs, the entire horror that poor Moet through is theoretically lawful.

“There are certain restrictions in place, but they only apply to agricultural animals, not household animals.” The group’s work will not cease, and it will continue to assist the animals.

Credit: Emily Shotter

Moet wrote a book to teach people how to care their dogs with the support of his humans. He also releases a new calendar with his greatest images every year.

Credit: Emily Shotter

The best part is that all earnings from Moet goods go straight to the charity.

Moet is a fantastic advocate who has successfully raised donations for the charity that saved his life.

Any kitten with particular requirements, such as Moet, will have a harder time finding a home. This lovely Persian fluffy, on the other hand, is more confirmation that they’re worth a shot. They just require a little additional assistance, but they have three times the love to give.

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