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Every Day, Kitten Takes A Trip To The Grave Of The Person She Adored The Most

Toldo is a sweet kitty that has opted to stay with its owner after he or she has left this world. Nothing seems more essential to this lovely kitty than paying a visit to the grave of someone who made him feel unique in life and with whom he had an amazing relationship.

Renzo rescued the kitten from Montagnana, in northern Italy, when he was just a few weeks old. Since then, this precious hairball has known he had found someone special who would adore him unconditionally until the day he died.

Credit: zoorprendente

Toldo, on the other hand, does not seem to grasp his father’s absence, and he has been visiting the tomb every day since the day of the burial, bringing him modest things that are nothing more than a token of his love and faithfulness.

Toldo brings leaves, branches, twigs, plastic cups, and paper towels in his mouth and leaves on the grave of someone who, even after death, remains his favorite person.

Credit: zoorprendente

It all began following the casket from the house to the cemetery following the funeral.

Ada, Renzo’s widow, went to the cemetery the next day with her daughter, and they found some dry leaves on the grave.

Credit: zoorprendente

“With my daughter, we went to the cemetery and discovered an acacia twig on a grave.” My first impression was that it was the cat, but my daughter was persuaded that I was in a very emotional condition at the moment.

Credit: zoorprendente

His daily ritual of approaching the cemetery and resting for a few minutes on Renzo’s grave has drawn the attention of his neighbors. You can even pay him many visits a day, either alone or with Renzo’s widow, Ada.

“Today, Toldo and I went to the graveyard.” “On my way back, a friend told me the cat had already been there this morning,” Ada explained.

Credit: zoorprendente

For Ada, Renzo’s friendship with the cat was one of those lovely and unusual things that is often difficult to believe.

Toldo was saved from a colony of feral cats, and he followed his owner not only in happy times, but also in sad ones, soothing him with loving feline hugs.

Credit: zoorprendente

Unfortunately, not everyone understands Toldo and Renzo’s strong relationship, and some people try to frighten him away whenever they see them near the graveyard. Ada had this to say about it:

“Some people attempt to scare him away by hurling objects at him. Some elders feel that having an animal at a cemetery demonstrates a lack of respect for the deceased.

Credit: zoorprendente

Toldo’s devotion and commitment to his departed father, on the other hand, is far greater, and he visits him every day.

“My husband was a very compassionate man who adored animals, especially Toldo, and I believe Toldo is now attempting to express his gratitude.” “He’s a one-of-a-kind cat, and it’s difficult not to adore him,” Ada remarked.

Credit: zoorprendente

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