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After Being Rescued, Kitten Wins Hearts With Her Curly Hair And Small Squeaks

Sara Tiedeman, a veterinary technician in California, recently took in a pair of young kittens that need immediate medical attention. The woman, who specializes in neonatal and intensive care kitten care, consented to look after the kittens.

The cats were in such bad shape that they were transported to Sara’s rescue facility. Their weight was so low that they were simply skin and bones. They came from another group that, regrettably, had the funding and a foster home to care for the children.


Sara, the foster mother of the kitten, explained:

“Wild (the tiniest gray cat with a thick coat of fur) was frail and undeveloped. Brave (the brown tabby kitten) was sluggish and didn’t respond well.

The kittens were on the mend thanks to Sara’s care and the fact that they were fed every two hours. Sweet Wild went around her nest, watching everything because she wanted to know everything. Brave, her gorgeous tabby sister, was too frail to walk when she arrived into the volunteer’s care, but she made some improvement thanks to food, vitamins, water, and affection.


Brave took a bit longer to figure out how the bottle worked, but she was content to be spoiled by her foster mother.

The wild kitten was the smaller of the two kittens, but after a few meals, she stood up and her hunger increased dramatically. She was soon able to feed herself and appeared to be much stronger.

Sara explains:

«Wild is a mature young lady who enjoys observing her environment and keeping a close watch on everyone. Brave is nothing more than a bundle of love! Every meal, I embrace her in my arms and kiss her, and every time she shakes her head in delight ».

When she was strong enough to stand up, Brave made a stunning breakthrough. At each meal, the cute kitty purred happily and strove to finish all of her food until she was perfectly pleased.


Wild, on the other hand, has had fantastic success, and there isn’t much of the fragile and skinny kitten from the first day remaining.

His foster mother reassures him, saying:

His face has taken on a considerably larger appearance. It can stand and move normally like a healthy infant. She still eats like a champ and appears to be in good spirits! I’m quite proud of her.”


The mischievous Wild walks with ease and has a lot of muscle in her feet. Brave, for his part, is still a little unsteady, but he fights and strives hard to be able to walk and run like his sister.


Sara continued, ”

“It’ll be fascinating to observe how Brave’s mobility improves week by week!” She is a happy and healthy girl, regardless of her particular requirements, and that is all that matters!


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