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Kitten Who Has Never Had A Home Can’t Believe She Is The Center Of Attention

When Deanna McCallum learned of the feline’s plight, she knew she could provide her with all she required, so she raced to see her and complete all of the appropriate papers to bring her home to her.

According to Deanna, who spoke to The Dodo,

“It took me a long time to meet her through Zoom since she had been at Cape Ann Animal Aid for a long time.” I realized I needed a caring home right away.


Deanna was certain after Zoom’s call that she wanted to adopt the wonderful feline Jolie and give her the forever home she deserved. However, he was unable to meet Jolie prior to his arrival since she was already in his baggage rack when he arrived to pick her up.


After spending time in the care of Cape Ann Animal Aid, Jolie curiously popped her head out of her pet carrier and observed her new home and foster mother for the first time.


Deanna continued:

“When we came home, I was quite nervous!” I unzipped the baby carrier and let her take a look around.


The cat appeared bashful and bewildered by all she saw, and Deanna could tell by the expression on her face that she still didn’t believe it was all for her. Fortunately, she adapted quickly to her new life as an indoor cat.


Despite not being able to meet Jolie before bringing her home, the kitten’s new mother was overjoyed to finally have her, and she was confident that they would be best friends from now on.


The kitten needed a few days to understand that this was her new home, but after a few days, she realized she was there to stay and became perfectly calm. Deanna was warned by the rescue center that she could struggle to acclimate to all of the new developments.

Deanna was pleasantly surprised to see that Jolie was a kind and beautiful child who simply wanted a home and to be loved after everything that had transpired during this period.


Deanna concluded by saying:

“Jolie is the loveliest cat I’ve ever met, even though it took her a few weeks to warm up. She didn’t hiss, scratch, or try to bite me once. She has never acted inappropriately. She’s just a gentle spirit in need of a loving home, and I feel so fortunate to have her with me.


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