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Kittens Discovered Together In The Backyard Form An Adorable Friendship

The kittens were just a few weeks old, looked very identical, and stayed close to one other throughout. Micheline was able to safely transport both of them to the Chatons Orphelins Montreal emergency facility.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal’s Celine Crom said:

Stella and Ally were the names we gave to the twins. When they first came, they were really timid. Lena, one of our foster volunteers, welcomed them into her house so they could mingle. They went to their new cat tree right away and even slept together.


The kittens were first hesitant, but after some time, they chose to explore every inch of their new home. As they traveled the area in quest of excitement, they were never out of sight.

According to the volunteer at the rescue facility,

«If they see a feather toy, they both run away. When they play, they make a commotion, but they also enjoy quiet moments together and sleep hugging each other.


Ally is the tiniest of the two, but she is quite lovely and has a fantastic attitude. This mischievous feline is always eager for new activities, and her enthusiasm quickly spreads to her sister Stella.

Celine explains:

The sisters are inextricably linked. If they can’t see each other, they’ll go out of their way to find each other right away.


They are so amusing that even the household cats are enthralled by them and love watching them chase each other about the home. Ally is the one who always takes the lead, and Stella is her right hand woman.

Stella is constantly protected by Ally, who rescues her when she realizes that her sister is in danger. Food, toys, bedding, and the cat tree, where they like dashing around, are all frequently shared by felines.

Celine continues:

“Stella is quieter than Ally, who is gregarious and amusing. They are a fantastic match for each other. When one of them is stroked, both of their purring engines start at the same time.”


These sisters have been converted into gorgeous panther kittens thanks to the efforts of volunteers, and they are now ready for their next adventure. The rescue center aims to place them together in a loving home.

Stella and Ally like hugs and are usually cuddling together; they are adorable and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.


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