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The Rescue Dog Is Positive He’s One Of The Cats

Mako made it apparent that he would be the one coming home with Bethany Castiller and her family when they went to a local shelter to adopt a puppy.

“We joke that he selected us, not the other way around,” Castiller told The Dodo. “We started caressing him since he had his back against the cage when we got to the rescue shelter, and he glanced over his shoulder and offered direct eye contact, and we just fell in love with the little boy.”


The family had hoped to find a puppy that would get along with their two cats, Pecan and Gizmo, at home. Mako gets along great with cats, according to the shelter, which they quickly concluded was probably because Mako believes he’s a cat.

Though no one knows for sure, everyone assumes Mako was raised with cats because all of his favorite pastimes are cat-related. He doesn’t bark, he like cat treats, and he enjoys sitting on top of counters and cabinets just as much as his feline siblings.


Mako’s family thought it was strange when they first seen him jumping on top of tables and counters, but they quickly realized it’s simply who he is, and that they’d practically acquired another cat instead of a dog.


“We went online and got a dog toy that looks like a cat toy,” Castiller explained. “So we go to the backyard and he chases and leaps after it like the cats.” “He also likes to sit on the tables with my cats and watch the birds out the window.” He comes over and performs the same thing when he sees one of my cats lying on their backs for a tummy rub!”


Mako is enamored with his cat siblings and likes to hang out with them whenever he has the chance, and his family can’t help but giggle when they walk into the room and see Mako on top of something, right beside the cats, as if he were one of the group.

“Whenever Mako sees the guys on the countertops or cabinets,” Castiller explained, “he jumps up to join them.” “All he wants to do is be around the kitties all of the time.” He’s with the kitties if he’s not in the room with one of us humans.”


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