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They Find A Street Dog Curled Up In The Snow Warming 5 Abandoned Kittens

After rescuing five kittens abandoned in the freezing weather, a street dog has been hailed as a hero.

When a litter of kittens is only a few hours newborn, they want as much attention as possible.

It is quite improbable that they will survive without the assistance of their mother or someone who can supply them with food and shelter. This was the traumatic scenario in which these kittens found themselves.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

The reality was discovered one frigid night in Ontario, Canada, when a driver saw the scene that moved him off the side of the icy road. She was a street dog that was trembling from the cold, but she threw her body in front of five kittens as a barrier to protect them from the elements.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

It’s unknown if they were left exposed to the cold of the road by a human or their own mother.

Fortunately, the tiny ones had a hero who came to their rescue. When a street dog spotted the litter, she opted not to be separated from it.

“What a lovely little puppy!” She recognized the kittens’ need for her and took on the role of mother.”

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

The driver realized that if he continued on his journey and left them there, they were all certain to perish. So he loaded them into his car and drove them to Pet and Wildlife Rescue.

The remarkable part is that the dog continued to attentively care for the kittens after arriving at the shelter.

He stood by their side at all times, protecting them and not allowing anyone to harm them.

Her mother instincts had awakened, and she didn’t seem to mind that they were creatures of a different species. The only thing that mattered was that they were helped and that all of the kittens survived.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Pet and Wildlife Rescue volunteers arrived and took the kittens and dog under their wing. It was just too chilly outside.

“It’s quite moving!” “Those kittens would have had a terrible time surviving on such a frigid night,” a shelter representative said.

The only reason the litter survived was because of the gentle dog’s warmth and attention. They’re all getting veterinary treatment now and will be ready to find a new home shortly.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

“Our team deals with a lot of difficult circumstances on a daily basis, and tales like these make it all worthwhile,” the representative continued.

Serenity is still full of puppy energy. She is an extremely active child who enjoys running about. She’ll be sterilized and won’t have time to meet the family she so well deserves.

The kittens, on the other hand, are being cared for in a temporary home and will require some further time before being placed for adoption.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Many people puzzled why they wouldn’t assist the lovely Serenity and her tremendous passion for kittens stay together after hearing her story.

Unfortunately, the cats will require a lot more attention, and it’s not fair that the adorable dog will have to wait even longer to go home. For the rescuers, the most important thing is that everyone gets the chance to start a new life.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

For all of these adorable animals, days on the street are a thing of the past. We hope Serenity finds the home she deserves and that she continues to meet more kittens to whom she can offer her undivided attention.

CREDIT: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

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