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Pregnant Kittens Found Wandering Together Decide To Raise Their Kittens As A Family

Pickle and Olive, two pregnant kittens, were transferred to Nashville Cat Rescue in the hopes of a better life. Both cats were near to giving birth when they were discovered in a cat colony in Nashville, Tennessee.

From the start, the kittens were inseparable. Having each other so near offered them a sense of stability and comfort that helped them cope to all the changes they were going through, even though they were a bit terrified at first.

“The family who was assisting the colony discovered that the girls were pleasant and both pregnant. When they contacted the rescue group, they requested that the girls “remain together, even when it’s time for adoption.”


The volunteer made it a point to spend some time with the cats, respecting their need for space and, without a doubt, they were extremely comfortable together.

Kiki explains:

“I wanted to make sure that when the kittens arrived, they were comfortable with me assisting them as required or just weighing the kittens on a daily basis.”


Both kittens gradually approached Kiki. Pickle, being the more gregarious of the two, was permitted to be pampered and cared for. Olive was shortly in the mood for some TLC from that pleasant human, as she seemed to love the massage session and recognized that she was fully protected.

Kiki is confident:

“Olive would come for some love if I was petting Pickle.”


Pickle eventually went into labor and gave birth to six kittens, five of whom survived. Olive, on the other hand, was Pickle’s strongest supporter, continuously purring beside her and lavishing her with hugs.


The volunteer recalls the following:

“I continued seeing Olive inside the playpen with the infants after approximately a week. As she attempted to weigh them, she began to treat them as if they were her own, and she even grew protective of them.”

Kiki discovered a new small face among the others a few days later, and Olive had just delivered her first kitten in the foster room. She gave birth to another kitten after around 24 hours, but her foster mother was concerned about the tiny size of the litter and the time lapse between babies.

The volunteer continued, ”

“I brought her to the veterinarian to make sure she was in good health. She had to have an emergency caesarean section, which saved her life in the end.


Both kitties unfortunately lost one of their puppies, but they were still quite close. They raise all of the kittens as a team, and if one of the mothers needs a break, the other takes over to keep everything in order.

The kittens have grown quite a bit and are now pretty close. They take lengthy, comfy sleeps while being cuddled by their two mothers.


Every day, little kittens get more interested and naughty, and they already want to explore their room. Pickle and Olive are constantly on the lookout to ensure that all of the children are safe.

Kiki continued:

“Pickle has five daughters and Olive has two sons. They’re referred to as first cousins and first cousins. Pickle and Olive are becoming more and more self-assured with each passing day.”


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