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Random Cat Keeps Sneaking Into Police Station To Hang Out With Cops

This intelligent cat, like some fuzzy, bewhiskered magician, has a really simple method of getting precisely what he wants.

He uses his charms as if they were magic.


The cat was spotted by officers from the Columbia Police Department in South Carolina when he appeared outside their station one weekend last month. Rather than being subtle about his presence, as is common among felines, this random kitten went ahead and made himself the unmistakable center of attention – by creeping inside to demand adoration.


Despite the fact that he was an unwanted visitor, the officers at the station immediately succumbed to the cat’s charms.

He’d even taken over a lap before long.


One of the policemen sought a selfie with the kitten, apparently smitten.


Meanwhile, another officer snapped a picture of it.

(Clearly, the cat’s strategy was working.)


In a flash of insight, the cops realized that the cat had a family of his own nearby, so they decided it was better to let him go. He, on the other hand, was not having it. The cat reappeared the next day, prepared to use his charms once more. Officer Brandon Montgomery, who had returned to the station after a weekend break, met him for the first time at that time.

Montgomery told The Dodo, “Whenever a cop went in or out, he would go back inside extremely quick.” “He was desperate to be petted and held. He enjoys being on people’s shoulders a lot. He’ll be right up there.”


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