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Rescue Kitten Wears Cute T-Shirts Made From Socks To Protect His Chest

A little gray kitten was sent to the Community Cat Club rescue facility in southern New Jersey, United States, in the hopes of getting ahead and eventually finding a home where he might live a better life.

Volunteers spotted a malformation in his chest when he arrived at the rescue facility. Despite this, Leroy, the kitten, was very loving and interested from the start, eating everything on his dish and soaking up all the attention his caretaker could give him.

“He was discovered alone on a military post and came to us. Leroy is not without defects. We will do everything possible to assist him.”


Leroy was diagnosed with pectus excavatum, a congenital abnormality of the chest wall, during his visit to the veterinarian. In the instance of the lovely kitten, surgery would be required to remedy the problem because his condition was considered severe.

Sarah explains:

“He has pectus excavatum, as I feared.” Our veterinarian confirmed this with an X-ray.”


The cat wore a cast that looked like a miniature corset for a few days to help her chest grow properly. Leroy was then sent to Wissahickon Creek Veterinary Hospital for surgery, which was fortunately a complete success.

Community Cat Club’s president and founder added:

“We had to undertake this operation with him weighing just one pound since (the problem) was preventing him from breathing and trapping his heart to one side.”


Leroy was on his feet and ready to play in no time, owing to the necessary care. Nothing was going to stop this kitten from having a good time.

Sarah remarked:

“This kid can fight! With his weight, he had to have some very extensive surgery. He is little yet powerful. For the next six weeks, he will wear a little chest plate to help his chest expand normally. He visits his veterinarian every week for a checkup so that as he gets older, the vet can loosen him up.”

When he went back to the vet to check on his development, the youngster had outperformed everyone’s expectations. Leroy is affectionate with all of his carers, both human and furry. He even befriended another kitty named Poppy, with whom he now spends time.


Sarah explains:

“His respiratory rate is excellent, and the vet, Dr. Yard, advised him to keep doing whatever he was doing.”


Poppy and Leroy are good friends who like playing and running together. Sarah guarantees:

“They are very smitten with one other and will be spending a lot of time together in the coming weeks. Leroy is the loveliest person you’ll ever meet, and you’d never guess he had a problem. He only sought affection from the minute I brought him in.”


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