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This Dog Lost His Feline Friend To Cancer But Now He’s Happy Again

Forsberg was a 10-year-old golden retriever with the closest buddy in the world, a ginger cat that died of thyroid cancer when he was 15 years old. They were inseparable, so the dog was understandably upset when his pal abandoned him.

The dog had lost his companion, but the remainder of the story ended happily. He looked everywhere for his buddy and was perplexed when he couldn’t find him.

Jen Philion decided to cheer him up by bringing him a new cat.

On Reddit, Jen wrote:

“Having a cat was something Forsberg yearned for. ‘However, the issue has been resolved!’ยป

It seemed that it was love at first sight. Forsberg was so connected to the youngster that he allowed him to snuggle up next to him. The kitten and the dog were both overjoyed.

Maxwell is the name of the small ball of fur, and he is now an adult.

After a year, they are still inseparable.

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