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3 Special Condition Kittens With Lovable Bond Fulfill Their Dream By Being Adopted Together

Many of the rescued kittens form a strong link, a type of camaraderie that makes them seem like brothers even though they have no biological ties.

This is the tale of three kittens that came to Wrenn Rescues at various points in time with comparable circumstances and the same desire to find a new home.


Odahviing, who was born with bilateral cleft lips and was saved while sobbing inside a car engine, was the first to arrive. He had to be tube-fed for the first two weeks because of his condition.

Fortunately, he slowly emerged from his shell, started eating by himself, and allowed his independent spirit to develop.


A special needs kitten named Attis came not long after his rescue. He has cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes his body to create uncontrollable motions and is blind.

Attis quickly learnt to improve his other senses and travel about the home without running into anything from the first day he showed he was quite a fighter. Foster care volunteer Ashley Kelley at the center for animal rescue said:

With the aid of his whiskers, he tracks everything effectively by hearing and sensing vibrations. You wouldn’t immediately recognize him as blind if you didn’t already know. He has amazing athleticism, sprinting and jumping with the agility of a young kitten.


Attis and Odahviing, two gorgeous kittens, were ready to meet in a short period of time. Amazingly, their first encounter was really gentle, and ever since then, they have been inseparable.

Little Attis loves to cuddle with and slumber next to his dearest companion. He feels much safer now that there is a new kitten around who he considers to be a brother.


When a cute cat named Matilda Beans joined them, their connection between the two became even stronger. She was in terrible shape when she got at the rescue facility; as a result, she had to be treated as an emergency and spent a few days in critical care. In light of this, her carer said:

She was a little member of a litter that arrived at the clinic with an upper respiratory illness, and she was severely afflicted. She needed a whole month of continuous oxygen therapy, several daily nebulizer treatments, extremely potent antibiotics, eye drops, and nasal drops to recover, but she overcame it because she had a very strong will and was determined to survive. She didn’t pause or allow me to check on her wellbeing.


Matilda proved to be a little fighter; following a protracted healing period, her health started to improve. She was prepared to start sharing, making new friends, and settling into her new life.

Sweet Matilda had the ideal company in Ashley. She made Attis and Odahviing her life partners and accomplices.

“Matilda Beans fell in love right away after meeting the lads. These three have been the loveliest group of misfits and are unified. They made my entire house so happy, and each one was so unique yet so complimentary to the others.


The three kittens were prepared for adoption and a fresh start in stable homes with individuals who cared about their welfare.

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