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Kitten Doesn’t Leave His Grandfather Alone For A Second Since He Realized He Was Sick

There is without a doubt no greater treatment than the presence of a fuzzy to help us confront that truth that frequently overwhelms us. A kitten has become the finest therapy for a sick grandma.

Furry creatures have the tremendous power to make our gloomy days more peaceful with their boundless affection.

Kelly Nugent and her father, John Nugent, at least, feel that way. Kelly made the decision to relocate from her home in Florida to New York in order to assist her ailing father, who is undergoing aggressive treatment for the bone marrow cancer she has.

Kelly Nugent

John’s mobility is becoming more restricted as a result of his sickness, necessitating round-the-clock care.

In light of this, his daughter abandoned everything and traveled to visit him, but she didn’t go alone; she brought her cherished cat Sweet Potato along.

Kelly Nugent

Although this adorable kitty, who is two years old and likes to console others, is not a registered therapy animal, he has grown to be John’s favorite source of solace during his busy days. Kelly offered the following insight:

He is the kindest cat ever; he just adores everyone and longs to be around them. He has a dog’s temperament.

Kelly Nugent

Sweet Potato rushed to Kelly’s father as soon as she spotted him and cuddled up on his lap. John was astonished by this since, despite his passion with animals and admission that he prefers puppies, he never thought a kitten could be as devoted and kind.

Sweet Potato has been in charge of gradually altering his way of thinking. Of course, if he has developed into the most kind and sympathetic nurse a patient could ask for.

Kelly Nugent

Kelly guarantees that the kitten adapted to the adjustments flawlessly from the very beginning and developed an intense love for his father.

This adorable ball of fur apparently knows when something is off, and his method of letting them know they can depend on him is by showing them a lot more affection. Kelly emphasized:

He just approached my father and declared, “This is my job! I’m going to help you get better now. It appears he was aware of it.

Kelly Nugent

Over time, their friendship becomes deeper, and best of all, John’s agony has been much lessened. Kelly is confident that the presence of her cherished furball is a major factor.

Since Sweet Potato entered his grandfather’s life two months ago, they have grown closer and closer.

Every time my father sits in the chair and puts his arm in it, Sweet Potato leaps up, sits on his arm, and cuddles with him, Kelly said.

Kelly Nugent

No matter where John is—in front of the computer, on the couch, or just dozing off—Sweet Potato will pop there to give him a hug and reassure him with his kisses that everything will be well.

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