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One-Eyed Rescue Kitten Finds All the Love She Needed in a Bull Terrier

We want every small animal in the world to have a loving owner who protects them from injustice, helplessness, and carelessness. However, this isn’t usually the case, and their prospects are quite grim.

Stitch is a kitten that, like many other animals, suffered horribly after witnessing certain animal breeders’ abuse. The Sphinx kitten suffered a little damage to one of her eyes when she was born.

The illness was rather straightforward and would have gone away quickly with a few days of therapy, but the breeder ignored it, and things worsened.

Phoebe Gill

Since of Stitch’s illness, the breeder who had had her since birth chose to dump her at a shelter because she would no longer be able to sell her for a profit.

A 24-year-old woman named Phoebe Gill seen a picture of Stitch on social media. He fell in love with the one-eyed, hairless cat as soon as he heard her story and knew he wanted to adopt her right away.

Phoebe Gill

Stitch had to adapt to his new existence without an eye after moving into Phoebe’s house, but he also had to grow acclimated to his new home and family. The girl had Alaska, her bull terrier dog, who is really frightful, at home, which was the only issue.

Phoebe was concerned about the relationship between the kitten and her bull terrier as well as how the large, cranky dog would react to the addition to the household.

Phoebe Gill

Phoebe was quite fortunate. Alaska was enchanted by Stitch’s attractions in addition to having the chance to adopt a rare and loving kitty. The two dogs bonded immediately and couldn’t be separated.

Now, more people than simply Alaska follow Phoebe around in her home. Additionally, Stitch has joined the crew. They spend time together when they play, sleep, and eat… They are never apart from one another at any time.

Phoebe Gill

Having given Stitch the second opportunity that he so richly deserved, this young lady is pleased with herself.

She was aware that, given her circumstances, it was challenging to locate the ideal home for a kitten with her traits, but everything worked out even better than she could have ever expected.

Stitch now has a canine friend who keeps her company and helps her feel secure and loved in addition to a loving owner who accepts her as she is.

Phoebe Gill

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